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Five Things You Might Overlook Before Travel

Passport, travel insurance, and foreign currency? Checked.

Medication, hygiene essentials, and perhaps makeup? Checked.

Camera, handphone, and chargers? Checked.

Undergarments and enough change of clothes? Checked.

Have I missed out anything?

Maybe? Yes!

I have the habit of doing the following five key things before I wheel my suitcase out of the house:

  1. Cut my fingernails and toenails.
  2. Remove my nail polish.
  3. Clean my tongue.
  4. Epilate.
  5. Clean my toilet bowls.

Bonus: Eat up or throw away food that will expire while I am away.


I do these five tasks before travelling because they will keep me fresh and happy during my holiday. Also, the benefits of these jobs can usually last throughout my trip, so I do not have to pack them into my suitcase or fret the small stuff while enjoying my holiday.

The benefits of completing these five tasks before travel are listed below in reversed psychology.

First, I do not want to deal with chipped or torn nails on my trip. Long nails get torn accidentally more often than not, and torn nails are painful. I also do not want long nails to hinder typing on a touchscreen phone.

Second, I dislike seeing worn-out nail polish on my fingers, and I know that the nail polish will somehow tear when I travel.

Third, I hate bad breath coming out of my mouth. If I clean my tongue right before my tour, there will not be a detectable smell coming from my mouth for at least a week.

Fourth, I do not bring deodorant on trips to save weight and space in my luggage so epilating helps remove hair that allows bacteria to thrive. The bacteria thriving in stray hairs with perspiration gives off odour.

Last, I also make a point to clean my toilet bowls right before leaving the house because I like returning to a sweet home. I think this habit of mine would sound strange to many of you. This habit is probably part of my obsessive-compulsive tendencies rather than something you must do before travel.

Bonus: No harm double-checking for expiring food because no one wants to return home to foul smells from a loaf of mouldy bread or rotten eggs, et cetera.

Males in Singapore will also need to declare their vacation online if they can still be activated to serve the military.

What is one thing that you do not pack for travel but must do before taking off?

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