Hi everyone,

Welcome, I am delighted to have you in this evening. Take a seat and have a cup of cocoa. Watch sunsets, skies, sea, and sand with me!

You may call me Cocoa, and I created Cocoa Evenings as some space for you and me to share Musings, Makeup, and Memories. Find out more at Why the name cocoaevenings?

One of my recent muses seems to be photography challenges. I enjoy searching for different ways to interpret the problem and link the theme with topics that truly interests me. For example,

BeautyHalf and Half: Beauty Edition – featuring EOS Lip Balms | Product Reviews

TravelTravel Theme: Land Meets Water | The Sand Bar Is My Wedding Aisle

ChildhoodAh Cek’s House

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Besides cocoa, I enjoy sipping tea, especially matcha green tea, and drinking coffee. I do not restrict these beverages to any time of the day. I also love to pair drinking with chocolates.

Also, I take photos in my recreational time. As such, the photos I post will all be taken by me unless otherwise credited.

Follow me on Instagram and Twitter, both @cocoaevenings, to be the first to know and also more for insights from my daily life! Leave comments on my articles, because I love to interact with you and learn more, to listen, to see, and to feel your insights.

With love,


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