I am archiving the advice I get from Grammarly in an attempt to permanently improve my English language. I hope that the weekly articles will make a difference for you too.

2015-07-28 | 1. Mistake of the Month: Missing Commas
2015-08-06 | 2. Learning How to Use Semicolons Will Make You Smarter
2015-08-11 | 3. 10 Ways Keeping a Journal Will Genuinely Improve Your Life (#4 is particularly true for me.)
2015-12-08 | 4. Affect vs. Effect and Some Other Commonly Confused Words (I almost never confuse similar words so I am not sure why this article was recommended. This article is useful nonetheless.)
2016-01-12 | 5. Hyphens and Dashes
2016-01-19 | 6. Past Perfect
2016-01-26 | 7. Basic Rules in English Grammar
2016-02-02 | 8. How to Customise Your Writing in Job Applications

Disclaimer: I am not an affiliate with Grammarly.


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