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Travel Theme: Grasses | Lush Carpet

In response to Where’s my backpack? Travel Theme: Grasses.

When it is there, I do not really think about it.

When it is gone, I begin to lament the loss.

Where it grows, there must be water.

Where it dies, there must be drought.

Who does it live for? I do not know.

Who could kill it? Sometimes, Man.

Why is it so strong? It has long, deep roots.

Why does it seem to always come back from nothing? Maybe it is just meant to be.

What does it look like? A Lush Carpet.

What does it stand for? Vitality.

What is it? Grass.

grass at bukit timah secondary rainforest

Grass is an integral part of life in the equatorial tropics. It grows naturally everywhere as there is usually enough rain throughout the year due to frequent showers, and storms.

In the secondary rainforest (photo above), grass grows tall and dense, covering the Earth like a lush carpet. Grass sends out a smell of fresh water into the surrounding air. Grass is so green and luscious that it gives me a true sense of peace on this planet.

Yet in the urban areas, grass is often cut so that Man could widen the roads. Grass is often covered with cement so that buildings could be built or extended. Grass is often sacrificed for things that bring more productivity but maybe less value.

close up of grass at bukit timah secondary rainforest

In schools, grass is portrayed as a major character to learn from. Most students who study Mandarin will learn the following poem at some point in time:


白居易(  )


Translated loosely as:

Sending Off On The Ancient Plains
Tang poem by Bai Ju Yi

Lush grass expands over the ancient plains,
Withering and flourishing over the years.
Wildfire burns, and it cannot die;
Spring breeze blows, and it grows again.

Unless cement is poured over it.

Visit this website for more detailed translations. You could click on individual Chinese characters to learn more.

Grass is indeed an unsung hero, trampled upon and usually only becomes precious when it is gone.


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