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A Photo A Week Challenge: Perfect Sky – 31 Sky Moments That Took My Breath Away

In response to Nancy Merrill Photography‘s A Photo A Week Challenge: Perfect Sky.

If there is a type of view which I am more mad about than sunset evenings, it will be the sky. No amount of words can express how head over heels I am with skies, so I will let the photos below speak for me.

*Pick your favourite photo and let me know.*

1. On the plane back from Bangkok.


2. From one of my beach holidays.


3. From one of my beach holidays.


4. From the bank of Singapore River, opposite OCBC Building. I love the contrast between the preserved shophouses by the bank and the towering skyscrapers behind.


5. From Bedok Reservoir.


6. From Bedok Reservoir – bright blue.


7. Nagoya, Japan. It looks so sunny, but I swear that the temperature was about 10 degrees Celsius in that day of autumn, and I could hardly take off my gloves.


8. From a plane again – the sky was all clear.


9. Gorgeous soft clouds and huge setting sun with a parasail in the sky. Nothing beats bright blue with horizon and sunset.


10. I like it when the clouds look like they are gathering in a circle for a meeting. This photo was taken from beyond Station 1, outside of Spider House Resort, Boracay, Philippines.


11. This photo has that crazy ink blue that looks like it was photoshopped, but not. I observed that the small fishing boats only go out after sunset.


12. SO. MUCH. SKY.


13. I woke up at 5.30 am to catch the sunrise and captured this. That day, I walked two-thirds the way down White Beach, Boracay, Philippines. It was a great morning exercise.


14. This photo may not be the best photograph, but it has one of the best skies because of the light clouds with whimsy patterns.


15. What makes this special are the carefree kids.


16. Sunrise. This picture has my favourite shade of white for clouds. And I love having sunlight coming from behind clouds (unless it is a sunset).


17. It is the clouds, the clouds, and the clouds!


18. Fifty shades of blue.


19. One of the best types of a sky to me – little clumpy clouds dotting the sky and look like they all radiate out from the same point. This photo was taken from Karon View Point, Phuket, Thailand.


20. Taken by my brother with his ASUS phone, Bali, Indonesia.


21. The horizon!


22. A unicorn was peering from behind the clouds.


23. Purple skies from a resort on the sea in Malaysia.


24. I was so captivated by this sight that I stood in that spot for 2 hours trying to capture the perfect angle. This photo was taken by a Nokia N95 handphone at Toa Payoh, Singapore.


25. I title this, The Windows XP Wallpaper. I used a Nokia N95 handphone to capture it at Bukit Gombak MRT Station, Singapore.


26. This picture is the special one of the lot as it is a moonlit night featuring black sky. I captured the moon using an iPhone 5 on Mid-Autumn’s Festival evening, in 2014.


27. The jetty where I waited for the boat to Gili island. To me, this kind of blue is the perfect sky blue.


28. Apart from blue skies, I also enjoy watercolour skies like this one. I love the interplay of colours.


29. Another incredible watercolour sky.


30. I cannot get enough of clouds that seem to spray out from the same point, so I updated this post with a new photo.


31. Last, but not least, is arguably the best sunset in Bali. This place gets crowded with locals and tourists by 6 pm. Everyone will find a spot and wait patiently for the golden half hour, from 6.30 pm to 7.00 pm.


I am always blown over by beautiful skies; they take my breath away.

Wow! It is as though the skies have chronicled my life.


Which one of the thirty one skies above is your favourite? Feel free to also post the link to your blog response if you make one.


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