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​Traditional Breakfast from the South China Seas

In response to The Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge: “Local.”

“Local” means enjoying the same kind of food because food is a national pasttime in my country.

The traditional nanyang (South China Seas) breakfast consisting of roti (bread) with kaya (coconut milk stewed with sugar and pandan leaves to form some kind of jam spread), guyu (butter or magarine), and coffee or tea, is a local favourite.

Here, I present a modern rendition of the nanyang breakfast with toasted tuna and tomatoes sandwich. I think this sandwich is toasted to perfection. Isn’t it mouth-watering?


This local concoction is often topped with two half-boiled eggs that leaves the yolk runny but the white cooked. Pepper and salty soy sauce are the unequivocal condiments to bring out the best of half-boiled eggs.

I did have to present the empty shells to you because the breakfast was so delicious that I forgot to snap a shot of the half-boiled egg.

I’d say it takes a lot of skills to perfect the half-boiled eggs. One has to time just right and get the water temperature just right to let the shell crack open cleanly like what you see here.

Amateurs often over or undercook the half-boiled egg. Either way, beginners would have ruined the taste completely.


I grew up on such a breakfast and so have many fellow Singaporeans. This is one of my local cuisine; one of our comfort food, our source of pride, joy, and togetherness. This is my home, my country.

How do you usually take your breakfast?



[Photo: Taken at Blk 15 Bedok South Road, Singapore, 2016.]

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